$289 OAK-HNL or OAK-OGG Cheap Hawaiian Flights from California still alive!

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Cheap Hawaiian flights from California still alive! Anybody live in bay area and want to go to Honolulu or Maui for the weekend? Only $289 for a round trip and using chase freedom 5% discount, it will only be ~$274.  You can also get 4,817 Hawaiian Air miles, which is worth about $50-$100.  It takes 35,000 Hawaiian Air Miles for a round trip to Hawaii if you hold a Hawaiian Air Credit Card or40k miles if you do not .

$289 from OAK-HNL

$289 from OAK-OGG

4,817 Miles Earned Round Trip

 See my previous post on cheap hawaiian flights from California.  I used Google Flights to search for flights, which is a great tool.  You could also fly from Seattle to Honolulu for $302. 





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