My Experience Chasing Hyatt Diamond Status – Hyatt Diamond Challenge

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Chasing Hyatt Diamond – Enrolling in Hyatt Diamond Challenge
Chasing Hyatt Diamond – Is it Worth it?
Chasing Hyatt Diamond – My Stay Details and Mini Reviews:
Hyatt Santa Barbara – Nights #1-3
Hyatt Regency MontereyNights #4 & #5
Hyatt Santa Barbara – Night #6
Hyatt Manchester San Diego – #7
Hyatt Huntington Beach – #8
Hyatt Escala Lodge – #9 & 10
Hyatt Regency Irvine – #11 & #12

Hyatt Diamond Challenge Completed.

Welcome to the mini-series on “Chasing Hyatt Diamond”. Several readers have asked me to post about my experience obtaining Hyatt Diamond status.  The normal requirement to obtain Hyatt Diamond status is either 25 stays or 50 nights.  I managed to obtain Hyatt Diamond status early this year around February, to end of February 2013.  For those who do not know, Diamond status includes the following:

  • Achieve rewards even faster with a 30% point bonus when choosing points
  • Enjoy the best room available upon arrival, excluding suites
  • Receive exclusive access to the Regency Club or Grand Club lounge featuring complimentary continental breakfast and evening hors d’oeuvres. Enjoy daily complimentary full breakfast in hotels without a club lounge
  • Treat yourself to a suite upgrade at the time of reservation four times annually on paid room nights
  • Receive a special welcome point bonus or food and beverage amenity during each stay
  • Receive a nightly room refresh
  • Receive the confirmed bed type at check-in
  • Stay connected with complimentary in-room Internet access
  • Expedite check-in at a dedicated area for elite members
  • Ensure a room is always available with our 48-hour guarantee
  • Extend your stay until 4:00 p.m. with a late check out request
  • Book reservations through an exclusive Diamond line

If you are like me and don’t travel much for business, 25 stays or 50 nights is a lot!  However, Hyatt offers a 60-day Diamond status trial for those who hold the status in the following programs: SPG Platinum, Marriott Gold/Platinum, Hilton Gold/Platinum, Priority Club Platinum.

The key to maximizing on the Hyatt Diamond challenge is matching your Hilton Gold status to Hyatt Diamond.  I received Hilton gold status a while ago through Gary’s post here (See comment 50 and change your address temporarily to Australia).  If that doesn’t work, then Hilton Gold is obtainable by applying for the American Express Hilton Surpass card ($75 annual fee) or Citibank Hilton Reserve Credit Card ($85 annual fee).  See MMS’ post here to apply.

Update: You can also do a Hilton Gold challenge and do 4 stays in 90 days.  Click here to sign up for the challenge.

Free Hilton Gold Trick

Hyatt will status match Hilton Gold to Hyatt diamond if you complete 12 paid nights within 60 days. The nice thing about the challenge is you will receive Diamond status immediately after activating the challenge.  I highlighted my favorite perks above.    Based on my experience (your experience may vary), here are the steps I took to activate the challenge:

  • Emailed Hyatt only to inquire about the Hyatt Diamond challenge.  They responded:
    • Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service. I
      appreciate the opportunity to assist you.Regarding your inquiry, currently a Diamond Trial Offer is available.
      You will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days with proof of top
      tier status with one of our competitors program.  However, you must
      complete 12 nights in 60 days to maintain Diamond tier through February
      of 2013.  You will also receive 1000 bonus points on your first six
      eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6000 bonus points.Please note this offer can only be made one time and can not be extended
      beyond the 60 day period.Please note the list of competitors that Hyatt Gold Passport will match:Hilton Gold VIP or Hilton Diamond VIP
      Marriott Gold or Marriott Platinum
      Starwood Platinum Preferred Guest
      Priority Club PlatinumPlease email or mail a statement of your account activity with a
      competitor to us for processing at:PO Box 27089
      Omaha, NE 68127-0089To find more details on our exclusive Diamond status please visit us
      online at: appreciate your support of Hyatt and the Gold Passport program. Please
      let me know if I may assist you further.Sincerely,XX XX
      Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service
  • Emailed my Hilton Gold statement and wrote: “Please enroll me in the diamond challenge as soon as possible. I have a 2 night stay starting February 18. Attached is my Hilton gold statement. My gold passport is XXXXXX. Thank you. ” Note: I did not show my stay activity, from this Flyertalk thread.  Some people stated they had to show at least one stay, but I did not.  YMMV
  • Hyatt responded:
    • Thank you for contacting Hyatt Gold Passport Customer Service.  I
      appreciate the opportunity to assist you.Per your request, I have enrolled you in the Diamond Trial Offer.  You
      will receive trial Diamond membership for 60 days.  However, you must
      complete 12 nights in 60 days to maintain Diamond tier through February
      of 2013.  You will also receive 1000 bonus points on your first six
      eligible nights within 60 days, up to a maximum of 6000 bonus points.
      Please note that the Diamond Trial Offer is a one-time offer and will
      not be extended further unless you stay the required number of times or
      nights each calendar year to maintain the upgrade.Please let me know if I may assist you further.  Thank you for your
      continued support of the Hyatt Gold Passport program.
  • I had a few problems during this process.  I enrolled on February 17, but my first stay was planned on February 18.  It takes up to 72 hours for the Diamond status to process.  When I arrived at my first stay, Hyatt Santa Barbara, they did not recognize me as Diamond.  They put me in an old room and did not offer any of the Diamond perks to me.  I went down to the front desk to inquiry, the clerk said he would call Hyatt to confirm my status and call us.  We went out and the clerk did not call us back.  I went back to the front desk to talk to another lady.  She was able to then call Hyatt to confirm my diamond status and I received a room upgrade, food and beverage amenity, room service breakfast, and 4PM checkout!  There is more to this story, I will continue on in the next post on how I got a couple thousand extra bonus points and ~60% off rooms.
  • From the Flyertalk thread, if you enroll after May 31 and fulfill the challenge, your Hyatt Diamond status is valid until next year February 2014.  For example, if you apply as of today’s posting date, you will have status until February 2014.  If you apply after May 2013, you will have status until February 2015!

My wife and I decided to take a tour of California during her Spring Break (she’s a teacher) to fulfill most of these paid nights.  It was definitely going to be a challenge (no pun intended) to stay 12 nights in 60 days!  Any questions, please ask, I’m sure I missed a few details.

Free $100+ room service breakfast in Paris for Hyatt Diamond members 🙂


20 comments for “My Experience Chasing Hyatt Diamond Status – Hyatt Diamond Challenge

  1. Russell
    December 10, 2012 at 7:17 am

    How did you manage 12 nights affordably?

    • December 10, 2012 at 8:39 am

      I will post about that next. Thank you for your patience!

      • jkl
        May 16, 2013 at 10:53 am

        how long does diamond status last if you dont finish the required stays?

        • May 16, 2013 at 11:33 am

          60 days from the day it’s activated.

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