Hyatt SF Embarcadero Review and a Free Suite Night at Hyatt

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I stayed at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Embarcadero a few months ago for two nights.  I booked the first night at a paid rate for about $160 and the second night using 15,000 points.  Since I am a Hyatt Diamond member, I was able to use a suite upgrade on my paid night.  I was hoping that they would let me stay in the same room the second night.  From my experience (YMMV), if there is availability they will let you stay in the same room.  That means you can possibly get free suite night upgrade on a points stay!  However, this isn’t the full story on what I mean about receiving a free suite night at Hyatt.  Read below.

Hyatt Regency San Francisco Hotel Review

The Hyatt Regency San Francisco is located near the Embarcadero BART station.  It is in a great location because you can take the BART from Oakland easily.  We were able to take the BART from Embarcadero station to Oakland, and then transfer to a bus to the airport.  I love using public transportation, especially in San Francisco where parking rates are about $5 an hour.

We were upgraded to a corner suite, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures again.  The most interesting thing about the hotel room is that there was a TV inside the bathroom mirror!  Do some business, and watch some TV :).

View from Room

View from Room

The Regency Club has one of the best views out of all Regency clubs I’ve been to.  I highly recommend you stay here and get access to the Regency Club by using extra points to upgrade, Diamond members receive free access.  The Hyatt Regency Club used to be a revolving restaurant, but now it is a Regency Club (that does not revolve).  The views from the club are great, especially on a clear day!  We enjoyed relaxing in the club in the morning and at night.  The food wasn’t anything spectacular though, but can’t complain.


Regency Club with Great Views

Regency Club with Great Views

Overall, I really enjoyed the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Embarcadero.  It was in a top location and not a bad deal with 15,000 points. Especially because Hyatt points are so easy to come by from Chase Ultimate Rewards.  The Regency Club is a nice place to spend a late evening or have an early morning breakfast.  We were able to take the bus everywhere from the hotel.  You could walk to Fisherman’s Wharf or Chinatown in about 10-15 minutes.  The only downside might be that the walls are thin and there aren’t a whole lot of good restaurants near the hotel.

Overall Rating: A-
How I Accidentally Received a Free Suite Night at Hyatt

I checked out of the hotel by telephone and just walked out without taking my bill.  Usually I do check my bill, but this time I was in a rush.  After a couple days I saw that the hotel charged me two paid nights when I used points for the second night.  I quickly called their billing department and after about a half an hour on the phone they were able to refund me one night.

Although I wasn’t too furious, I decided to send Gold Passport an email explaining the situation and providing constructive criticism.  I kindly asked for points for the inconvenience.  To my surprise, they refunded me the whole 15,000 Hyatt points!  Therefore, I received a free suite night at Hyatt!  I’ll take 15,000 points for about thirty minutes of work!

Dear Rom,

I would like to thank you for contacting our office regarding your recent stay at Hyatt Regency San Francisco. My name is Michelle Leonard and I am with Hyatt Guest Relations. It was truly disheartening to hear of your dissatisfaction while you were our guest. Please accept my apology for the disappointment and the inconveniences you experienced during your stay.

I will be following up with the hotel’s executive management team in an effort to address the inconvenience that was caused by incorrect billing. I am truly sorry that we failed to meet your expectations with this aspect of your visit.

Thank you for your loyalty to Hyatt and for taking the time to bring your comments to our attention.   In appreciation of this feedback, and as compensation for the disappointment we caused, i have returned 15,000 points to your Hyatt Gold Passport account.

I hope that we can welcome you back to a Hyatt hotel or resort soon!

Kind Regards,

Michelle Leonard
Hyatt Guest Relations
9805 Q Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68127

Hyatt Gold Passport provides excellent service via e-mail.  I would not abuse the system and make up stories to get extra points.  However, if you honestly feel mistreated or was incorrectly billed, feel free to send Gold Passport an email.  You’ll be surprised with their service, especially if you are a Diamond member.

2 comments for “Hyatt SF Embarcadero Review and a Free Suite Night at Hyatt

  1. February 19, 2013 at 12:04 am

    There have been times that I have overpaid because of a billing error and I have never thought to ask for points to make up for the time and hassle it took to correct the situation. It’s good to know that a simple and honest email could make up for the situation in such a lucrative way 🙂

    • February 19, 2013 at 9:17 am

      Yup gold passport does a great job!

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