From London to the Bavarian Alps Trip Report – Introduction

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British Airways First Class Los Angeles to London
British Airways Concorde Room Heathrow
The Trafalgar Hotel by Hilton
Exploring London
Residence Inn Munich City East and Neuschwanstein Castle
Hotel Bavaria Berchtesgaden and Exploring the Bavarian Alps
Sheraton Salzburg and Exploring Salzburg
Austrian Airlines Business Class Salzburg to Frankfurt
Lufthansa New Business Class Frankfurt to Los Angeles

The purpose of this trip report is to give you ideas on how to plan and show how to travel inexpensively with credit card points and miles. It would be much easier and less time consuming to upload all my pictures on my computer and call it a day, but hopefully my trip report can inspire you to travel inexpensively and comfortably. I booked the flights with airline miles about 9 months in advance and the hotels along the way. I’ve always wanted to visit the Swiss Alps, but after finding out how expensive it was, I found out the German Alps or more specifically the Bavarian Alps was much more affordable. Since the wife is an English teacher, she wanted to go to London as well. Why not do both? Hence the title, “From London to the Bavarian Alps”.

London Panorama View from Trafalgar Rooftop Bar

London Panorama View from Trafalgar Rooftop Bar

Neuschwanstein Castle - The OG Disneyland Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle – The OG Disneyland Castle

I split our goals up between points and miles goals and personal travel goals. I also wanted to thank my readers for some great activity recommendations! My points and miles goals were to:

  • Experience an international First Class flight on a non-US based carrier.
  • Burn my Hilton points before the enormous Hilton devaluation.
  • Try a lie-flat business class product.
  • Pay little to no cash for hotels and use hotel points.
  • Have free breakfast everyday. 

Our personal travel goals were to:

  • Watch a play and/or a show in London.
  • Visit Stratford Upon Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown.
  • Do most touristy things like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, free museums, etc.
  • Hike and relax in the Alps.
  • Visit Neuschwanstein Castle, the original Disneyland castle.
  • Enjoy our vacation without breaking the bank.

We flew on British Airways First and returned on Lufthansa’s new business class on the 748i featuring lie flat beds. Total taxes were about $450 per person  I used hotel points for all the hotels and we got free breakfast almost everyday due to Hilton Gold status, and booking hotels with free breakfast.  Despite all the nice flights and hotels, we enjoyed our time in each city and are entirely grateful for such an experience.  Stay tuned for more details on the trip and a breakdown of the expenses.  Please join me from London to the Bavarian Alps!

Hitler's Eagles Nest on a Perfect Day

Hitler’s Eagles Nest on a Perfect Day

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  1. Lively
    July 5, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Can’t wait to read about it! We were thinking about the Alps, also.

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