Uber Sign Up Bonus $30 and 25% off Fares

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Uber is taking over, especially in Los Angeles now.  If you haven’t heard or used Uber, now may be the time to try it.  I use it all the time to get to and from the airport or whenever I need a ride.  It’s extremely useful and practical.  For a limited time, the Uber sign up bonus is now $30.

Uber Sign up Bonus $30 Free Credit

The normal Uber sign up bonus is $10, but now it is 3X the amount at $30.  With $30, you can go about 15 miles based on my experience depending on traffic at $1.25 per mile and 29 cents a minute. 

I’ve used Uber many times and they are very professional.  The customer service is very good and if you rate your driver low, Uber will call you and compensate you most of the time. 

Limited time 25% off UberX Fares in Los Angeles

Limited time 25% off UberX Fares in Los Angeles

Also, right now UberX rides are 25% off.  It doesn’t show on your estimate, but after your ride they will take off 25% of the fare.  I might start taking Uber now instead of driving!

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