Combining Chase Freedom 5X With Ralphs Fuel Points

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One of my favorite things to do is stacking discounts and earning extra credit card points.  If I can use a few coupons and earn 5X points on my credit card, I’m more likely to purchase something.  This strategy is quite simple.  Right now, you can earn 5X Chase points from your Chase Freedom credit card at grocery stores. Ralphs or Kroger in many states has a Fuel Points program where you can earn up to 20 cents per gallon once you reach 200 fuel points.  Combining Chase Freedom 5X with Ralphs Fuel Points can be a lucrative way to earn points and save money.

Currently you can earn 1 fuel point for each dollar spent at Ralphs.  However, you can earn 200 fuel points for purchasing $100 on gift cards in a single transaction. The Ralph’s website states:

When you shop at Ralphs and use your rewards Card, you’ll earn 1 fuel point for every $1 you spend. Plus you’ll earn 20¢ off per gallon of fuel when you spend $100 on Gift Cards, No-Contract Wireless Phones and Airtime Cards.

For the rest of this quarter (end of March) you can earn 5X Chase points on your Chase Freedom credit card.  Remember that these points are only cash back unless you transfer to Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink, which can then transfer to mileage.

Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase Freedom 5X on Groceries this Quarter

I’ve bought a few gift cards from Ralph’s using my Chase Freedom and my wife’s Chase Freedom.  You can earn 5X up to $1,500 per quarter.  Since we both have our own Chase Freedom credit cards, that’s 15,000 Chase points per month (7,500 X 2)!  My favorite gift cards to buy at Ralphs are Amazon, Target, and Shell. Earning 20 cents off per gallon for every $100 spent equals to about a 3% rebate to me.  My average gas tank is about 15 gallons.  Therefore, 15 gallons * 20 cents = $3 rebate and $3/$100 spent = 3%.

Here’s an example of buying an Amazon gift card at Ralphs using your Ralphs loyalty card:

1. $100 * 5X Chase points = 500 Chase Points or $7.50 at 1.5 cents per point

2. $100 * 3% in Fuel Points = $3

3. Total earned per $100 spent on gift cards = $10.50 rebate!

4. $10.50/$100 = 10.5% rebate on gas

Earning about a 10.5% rebate on gas is a pretty good deal since at the moment gas has been increasing everyday.  It’s not too much work to buy a few gift cards that you know you will use at Ralph’s to earn Chase points and fuel points!  Does anyone else use this strategy of combining Chase Freedom 5x with Fuel Points?

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  1. Rob
    March 4, 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Sorry to nitpick, but gas has actually been decreasing over the past 3-4 months. See

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