Qantas First Class Lounge LAX Review

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Qantas First Class Lounge LAX

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Our trip started off at the Qantas First Class lounge LAX, which I heard was the best lounge in North America.  Anyone flying International First Class on Oneworld partners (AA, JAL, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Qantas, etc) has access to this lounge. However right before, TSA dropped my Macbook Pro on the floor after the security screening and dented it.  I still have to file a claim against TSA and I’m not too thrilled because the claim looks like a lot of paperwork.

My first impression of the entrance was “This place is fancy!”.  However, walking in all we saw were red chairs and it didn’t see all that special until we walked over to the dinner area and bar area.  The Qantas First Class LAX lounge allows passengers to experience a full service restaurant where you can order anything off the menu as much as you want.  It’s always very tempting to order everything, but we knew we wanted to eat dinner and then sleep once we got on the plane.

IMG_8392  IMG_8407 IMG_8399 IMG_8404

I posted the menu below, and it looks like they change the menu by the season. We started with the tuna tartare and the salt and pepper squid.  The latter was way better than the tartare.  The fish my wife got was kind of plain, but she wasn’t too hungry anyways.  I got some Sichuan pork ribs that were quite good, but probably needed more sauce.  I tried some white wine that was decent, but I’m definitely not a wine expert.  The fruits at the end were well prepared and tasted great.  I was impressed with the service as the waitresses are dressed well and are quite attentive.

I spent a little time at the bar having a coffee to stay awake for a good amount of the first half because we were landing at about 6am in Hong Kong.  The trick to a red-eye flight I found was to stay up as long as you can and sleep the 2nd half of the flight.  The bartender told me some celebrities come into the lounge such as Pierce Brosnan and Michelle Rodriguez.  I didn’t get to see any at the time, but oh well.

IMG_8395 IMG_8397 FullSizeRender IMG_8401 IMG_8400 IMG_8406

The Qantas First Class Lounge LAX is the best lounge I’ve been to in the USA. I’ve also been to the Star Alliance First Class lounge, but found Qantas’ to offer much more food and drinks.  The best deal to access this lounge, in my opinion, is to book a First Class flight to Japan on Japan Airlines for 80,000 AA miles one-way.  On March 22 this year, this cost increased from 62.5K to 80K, but I think it might be worth it.  Although the food wasn’t amazing, I can’t complain at all because I paid 67,500 AA miles and $5.60!  


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